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A collection of news that is updated every day.


A collection of guitar chords with transpose tools, auto scroll, font sizer, and print features that make it easy to learn guitar.

URL Shortener

Shorten your long URLs so that it's easy to share with others.

Twitter Thread Reader

Read threads from Twitter easily.


Create your own twibbon or edit your photo to twibbon that is already available and share it easily.

Transform Coordinate

Insert value pairs of geographic coordinates and transform them to different coordinate system or cartographic projection.

Twitter Menfess

Send a message or just the words you want to convey to "someone" as anonymous without notifying the sender's identity.


Create your own quiz and share with friends or answer a few quizzes.

Parse HTML

Parse your HTML code into XML code compatible with all the Blogger templates or other blogs systems.


Turn your thoughts into writing and share it easily.

Images Checker

Online tools to help you quickly identify unseemly images.


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Read Twitter Thread

Read threads from Twitter easily.

Shorten URL

Shorten your long URL so it's easy to read and share


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